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  • 23 Nov, 2021

Ride to Freedom

A key aspect that drives the commercial vehicle industry is understanding our transporter’s business and working towards making them profitable by all means. At Eicher, we have always led from the front to tap their pulse, meet their expectations, and partner with them in their road to prosperity. Therefore, we identify their exact requirements and offer products that fit their needs perfectly. And that’s just the beginning of the relationship. Ensuring all our products are always on a smooth journey throughout their lifetime is our responsibility. One of our offerings is Eicher Freedom — an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that takes care of the vehicle’s upkeep at a fixed price after the purchase is made.

When we talk about a maintenance program, the first thing that comes to mind is freedom from the hassle of keeping track of regular wear and tear and the repairs required to keep the vehicles up and running. Now, lack of regular maintenance could mean no timely repair of aggregates, unannounced downtimes, and unplanned expenses that can sometimes weigh heavy on the pocket. Eicher Freedom addresses these exact issues and gives assurance of service throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. With this program, our customers can surely trust us with the crucial task of taking care of their fleet.

Eicher Freedom enables our customers to avail the AMC services at any Eicher authorized service centre across India by paying equated payment in advance at defined intervals. It includes corrective preventative maintenance like oil changes, filters, and hub greasing, upkeep of all wear-and-tear parts like a clutch disc, brake liners, etc. The services also include repairing and overhauling all major aggregates (engine, gearbox, etc.), servicing ancillary parts, and, most importantly, breakdown assistance. In addition, the parts and consumables provided are always genuine.

The highlight of this program is that it protects customers from parts and labor cost inflation. A well-maintained vehicle always means lesser breakdowns, increased uptime, more trips, and fewer chances of accidents. Besides these, better mileage, tyre and aggregate lives, and better resale value of the vehicle lead to savings, business growth, and profits.

Maintaining a fleet of trucks takes effort, and fleet owners often spend a lot of their valuable time trying to figure things out. However, with Eicher Freedom in place, all they need to do is focus on their business and be rest assured that their trucks are in safe hands. Our job is to make sure every vehicle is up and running to its full potential, and none face trouble due to a lapse in maintenance. While a fixed price protects you from sudden price rises, features such as long-term coverage, service reminder facilities, easy payment options, pan-India cashless coverage make the service 100% convenient.

Eicher always believes in being the customers’ partner in prosperity. We strive to come up with initiatives that are meant to make lives easier for every stakeholder — be it vehicle owners, fleet managers, or drivers. Thus, a program that sets them free from the shackles of vehicle-related worries is a great way to show that we care.

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