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Eicher Freedom

No more worrying about breakdowns, downtime and unexpected expenses during transits. Eicher Freedom provides ease of servicing vehicles across the nation in a hassle-free manner.

Enterprise owners need to focus on their business instead of worrying about the service of their fleet. Eicher Freedom facilitates by offering assistance and service to the vehicles on an agreement basis.

How it Works

Eicher Freedom provides an easy, convenient way to maintain and repair vehicles on a pan-India level at pre-agreed rates. This service can be availed through the ‘Freedom Service Agreement’. It takes care of a vehicle’s health by offering services, such as preventative maintenance, wear and tear part repair, major overhauling, ancillary part servicing and road breakdown assistance. Based on the varied requirements, Eicher Freedom comes with four types of service programmes:

1. LC: Labour Consumables
2. LCC: Labour Comprehensive and Consumables
3. LCC-XL: Labour Comprehensive and Consumables with inclusion of Parts for Clutch & Brake Systems
4. LCP: Labour Consumables and Parts

Ease :

Eicher Freedom provides ease of mind by setting a fixed price agreement for all the services offered. The long term coverage ranges from 1 year and onwards, along with customisations.

Coverage :

The program gives pan-India cashless coverage, with 300+ dealers to avail services from.

Terms :

Easy payment terms are available to opt for the programme. Eicher Freedom comes with renewal service programme, which can be availed prior to or on the expiry of the existing service programme.

Customer Benefits :
  • Unparalleled convenience with hassle-free maintenance
  • Genuine Eicher Parts used and Genuine Eicher Service delivered
  • Well-maintained vehicles lead to savings on account of better KMPL, better tyre and aggregate life
  • Protection from uncertainties of unplanned or unforeseen repair expenses and inflation impact
  • Better return on investments through higher revenue, due to lesser downtime and increased trips
Comprehensive Maintenance Solution Delivered

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