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Eicher Freedom

Feel the joy of hassle-free drives

Whether it is regular maintenance or any repair, Eicher Freedom offers you pan-India support with easy, convenient, and assured solutions, all at pre-agreed rates. It includes preventative maintenance, wear and tear repair of parts, major overhauling, ancillary part servicing, and road-side assistance. After all, a healthy vehicle makes for profitable drives.

A range of service agreements to choose from:

  • LC: Labour Consumables
  • LCC: Labour Comprehensive and Consumables
  • LCC-XL: Labour Comprehensive and Consumables with inclusion of Parts for Clutch & Brake Systems
  • LCP: Labour Consumables and Parts


Long-term coverage, starting 1 year and onwards, plus customisations.


Cashless coverage via our wide dealership network across India.


Easy payment terms, with renewal options.

A smoother ride is guaranteed with:

  • Convenient and hassle-free maintenance
  • Eicher genuine parts and expert service
  • Regular maintenance for better vehicle performance
  • Protection from expenses of unforeseen repairs
  • Protection from inflation