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Eicher Financial Solutions

Our Eicher Financial Services enable you to own Eicher Trucks and Buses by providing easy and hassle-free loan and lease solutions.

  • Tailor-made to suit your business needs
  • Easy documentation for a hassle-free process
  • A boost for the profitability of your business

How Does It Work?



  • Immediate ownership of the vehicle
  • Personalised loan repayment plan to suit your business cycle
  • Payments distributed as monthly instalments
Financial Lease Options

Financial Lease Options

  • Tax relief with financial leasing options
  • Vehicle ownership transfer available for a nominal fee after the contract ends


  • Insurance offers provided and underwritten by third-party providers

Please get in touch with our representatives
for any queries

Representatives Location Contact Numbers
Omar Ahmad Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Maharashtra +91 9945715637
Somashekar M Karnataka and Telangana +91 9900643157
Service Request Hotline (Monday to Friday, 10.00AM to 6.00PM) 1800-4190-700
Email Address [email protected]