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Nayi Soch

Eicher - Nayi Soch Naye Raaste

How do you really define 'new'?
They say the 'new' takes you beyond possible
and makes you do what's unthinkable.
Now imagine a world where trucks never have to stop.
Where no one has to wait when there is an emergency.
And happiness always arrives on time.
In a hurried world, no one worries about
kids getting to school safely.
Fathers always come home with a surprise.
Mothers sleep peacefully when their son is out on the road 24X7.
In a digitally connected world, the real connections are never lost.
Friendships are never left behind when work gets tougher.
The wheels are kept moving by dedicated professionals.
And ultimately it's not just technology,
but people who save the planet.
The new thinking not only makes our business grow,
but also gives us newer ways to celebrate life.

Eicher’s Nayi Soch

It’s all about adding new dimension to your business with fresh ideas, thinking and methods

Rishte Samaan Rakhe

Asli tarakki sabko sath leke badhne mai hai.

Naya Samay Nayi Soch

Business tabhi badhega, jab soch badlegi.

Rishte Banaye

Sabko saath lekar chalne se khushian bhi milti hain aur safalta bhi.

Nayi Soch In Action

It’s all about adding new dimension to your business with fresh ideas, thinking and methods

Nitish’s Nayi Soch Brought An Effective Change In The Commercial Vehicle Industry.

Nitish Baweja from Ahmedabad Roadlines Pvt. Ltd. practiced this philosophy to cut down the time taken during the fabrication process.

Eicher Nayi Soch - Improving Lives Of Drivers

Eicher salutes Jaspal Singh’s Nayi Soch of treating his staff, especially the drivers, as a part of his own family and helps them secure the future of their kids.

Eicher Nayi Soch - Empowering Drivers’ Wives

Ms. Hemaprava Devi ventured out to start her own transport business way back in 1996, which is still a male-dominated industry.