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Think Uptime, Think Eicher

Optimising uptime to maximise your business productivity.

From departure to arrival, it's a race against time and challenges on the road. At Eicher, we understand that superior uptime is the best route to ensure your transportation business is a success, so, we go the extra mile. We do not just offer dependable vehicles, we provide unwavering support through our trained experts and digitised services. This is how we deliver over 98% uptime across key transport segments.

24X7 Uptime Center

The state-of-the-art command centre, established in April 2019, plays a pivotal role in ensuring maximum uptime for our 100% connected Eicher vehicles.

Operating around the clock, our team of professionals here remotely:

  • Supervises vehicle operations
  • Provides real-time support to vehicles undergoing service at our Uptime Certified Workshops
  • Proactively monitors truck data, anytime and anywhere, to anticipate problems beforehand

Backed by technological innovation and empowered by real-time information through predictive diagnostics, our Uptime Centre keeps your fleet always up and running.

No. Of Experts

160+ experts for delivering superior uptime

85000 Connected Vehicles Monitored

1,10,000+ connected vehicles being monitored remotely

98% Concerns Are Resolved With 4 Hrs

Over 98% concerns resolved within a record time of 4 hours

Predictive Diagnostics

Our Predictive Diagnostics service improves uptime by reducing unplanned workshop visits and expensive breakdowns. This is accomplished through our advanced telematics technology, which is a standard feature across our entire product range.

Predictive <span>Diagnostics</span>

Remote Diagnostics

Despite the distance, we are connected with our channel partners and authorized technicians day and night.

The power of real-time information fuels quick decision-making and problem-solving, resulting in significantly reduced downtime. With remote access to our dedicated team of specialists, our workshop technicians continue to gain knowledge through live learning.

Remote <span>Diagnostics</span>

Uptime Certified Workshops

We are setting new benchmarks in customer experience by providing best-in-class levels across:

  • World-class infrastructure
  • Team competence
  • Digitalised processes
  • 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain)
  • CRM Complaint Management
  • Tools & parts’ availability
  • 24x7 EOS support

Only the workshops that excel in the Quality of Contribution Test on customer-facing parameters and process maturity earn the title of being a Uptime Certified Workshop.

Uptime <span>Certified Workshops</span>