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100% Connected

At Eicher, every single vehicle is connected 24x7. With real-time tracking, fleet management, remote diagnostics, and more we’re adding value to every kilometre. With a 100% Connected ecosystem, Advanced Telematics, My Eicher platform and a 24x7 Uptime Centre, we are at the forefront of this on-road revolution.

Advanced Telematics

The higher the performance the better. That’s why our Advanced Telematics allows the transmission of GPS data and onboard vehicle diagnostics remotely for real-time vehicle performance analysis.

Uptime Center

Uptime is on our minds all the time. India’s 1st Uptime Centre at Eicher provides connected services 24x7, including real-time vehicle monitoring, remote diagnostics and proactive services like predictive diagnostics.

My Eicher

This is an industry-leading digital fleet management platform that helps you to manage trips, fuel and uptime with just a few taps.