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  • 02 Sep, 2022

Making fuel management easier through My Eicher

Efficient fuel consumption has always been one of the key factors driving the commercial vehicle industry. Fuel prices in India have seen an upward trend for the past many months, with diesel almost touching Rs 90 per litre mark in most cities. Now especially with the rising fuel prices, any excess fuel consumption will directly impact businesses and their profitability. Hence, business owners should monitor fuel usage to keep a check on expenses so that their company doesn’t incur losses and work with greater efficiency. This is where our My Eicher app comes as a significant help with its efficient fuel management module that can help assist managers in keeping track of their fleet’s fuel consumption.

A major chunk of around 60% of a fleet owner’s operational expenses includes fuel costs. While the cost of other things like road tax, vehicle management, repair and maintenance, etc., do add up to a considerable figure, nothing quite matches the total expenses on fuel, considering its continual price hike recently. While it is not possible for a transporter to control the fuel price, its consumption can definitely be monitored, even remotely in today’s world. With smart solutions like My Eicher, gone are the days when monitoring trucks and buses plying in far-off locations was a challenge. This app makes it easier for fleet managers to get fuel consumption information at their fingertips.

Among all the features that My Eicher provides, managing fuel usage has several benefits. It ensures that the fleet has optimum fuel usage, curbs fuel misuse, and helps keep track of everyday fuel transactions. The best part is that the fleet managers can do the above easily from the comfort of their offices. Through its fuel analysis feature My Eicher provides historical details of all events of fuel filling & theft, maps view to identify the location of fuel-related events and identifies the level of driver compliance using special insights. This intuitive My Eicher app can be accessed by both fleet owners and managers wherein they can use the fuel-management data to reduce their fuel expenses and enhance profitability.

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