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  • 27 Dec, 2017

Have You Ensured Your Kid’s Safety On The Road To School ?

Some parents prefer driving their kids to school than availing the services of a school bus owing to safety concerns. They take complete charge of their kid’s safety. But how feasible is the idea? Given the fact that a major percentage of parents can’t afford to ensure a personal pick-up and drop to their kids, owing to their busy schedules, the need for a trustworthy school bus service arises, a school bus that has been designed with the aim of providing maximum safety measures, thus assuring such parents of a safe ride for their kids to school and back home.

Even the Supreme Court of India has set some directions for school buses. Some major ones are –

‘School Bus’ must be written both at the front and on the back of the bus. In case of a hired bus, ‘On School Duty’ should be written on it. There should be horizontal grills fitted at the windows. Doors should be fitted with reliable locks. There should be a dedicated space for school bags under the seats. Emergency services like first-aid box and fire extinguisher should be available.

How Eicher helps achieve the big safety goal

Eicher’s Skyline range of school buses promises to be all of this and more. These vehicles aren’t only high on safety fitments, but are also stylish in looks. Now, words like safety and style aren’t often used in the same sentence. But Eicher Skyline school buses set an example; they come with advanced safety measures and matchless style. In fact, Eicher pioneered the big-picture concept of school buses way back in 1996 when they introduced “The First Safe School Bus” in India, developed in association with IRTE (Institute of Road Traffic Education). Specific safety and comfort features have since become a norm in the industry. Safety being the most important part of its design, the school bus is available with enhanced features, superior aesthetics and increased passenger comfort.

Here are some of the key features that set Eicher Skyline buses apart from the rest in the industry –

For emergency situations

There are side emergency doors that could be opened from both inside and outside, rear emergency exits with breakable windshield with hammer, stop alarms, fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes.

For maximum safety & security:

The buses have in-built guard rails adjacent to the passenger doors and on the windows for maximum safety and grab rails to keep from falling while standing. There’s a provision for spacious bag racks beneath seats to provide enough rooms for kids to sit.

Solid exteriors and interiors:

Buses are painted with rich-looking high gloss PU paint. They are outfitted with sleek integrated headlamps that are outright stylish and contemporary. The interiors are classy and modern from the word go. There’s a spacious and attractive hatrack. The dual-tone seats are contemporary, elegant and comfortable. These buses have large windows for enough ventilation.

Designed with all these safety and style features, Eicher Skyline school buses make for the perfect means of transportation for kids. Outfitted with 37 reliable safety features, these buses are absolutely trustworthy and deliver exactly what they promise – complete commitment and security. Truly, parents’ ultimate solution to their kids’ safety to school and back home, Eicher Skyline buses couldn’t get safer than this!

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