Powering Progress with Cleaner, Greener, Electric Mobility
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  • 08 Mar, 2024

Powering Progress with Cleaner, Greener, Electric Mobility

Almost every year, the poor Air Quality Index of major Indian cities hits the headlines. While vehicle emissions are not solely responsible for this, they do play a role in the deterioration of air quality. Therefore, with the country aiming to achieve the Net Zero Carbon Emission goal by 2070, the entire transportation and mobility sector is embracing the transition towards sustainable solutions. The good news is that the journey has already begun, and this was evident in lasts year’s Auto Expo and the recently held Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024.

Pro Business Pro Planet

Every business chases prosperity, but today, progress demands choices that benefit both profit and the planet. At Eicher, we have been actively transforming India’s logistics and mobility through innovative solutions and sustainable technology. Our diverse range of electric trucks and buses empowers our customers to choose "Pro Business, Pro Planet" – a decision that prioritizes both financial gain and environmental responsibility.

Eicher is committed to driving innovation for a cleaner and greener future. Our flagship Skyline Pro-E embodies this spirit, offering a glimpse into a world where responsible choices and progress move hand-in-hand. Hence, every Eicher journey becomes a powerful stride towards a sustainable future, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to creating lasting value.

Leading By Example

Over the last few years, we have made significant progress in designing clean-energy transportation in India with our well-established Electric Vehicle technology. Eicher's indigenous EV technology is built to excel in demanding industries like e-commerce, FMCG, and P&C segments. With its EV technology, Eicher aims to bridge the gap between profitability and sustainability through new-age electromobility.

In September 2023, Eicher Trucks and Buses delivered Eicher Pro 2055 EV - India's first 5.5-tonne electric truck - to Safexpress, a leading logistics and cargo services company. Eicher has also joined hands with ITC to promote sustainable and environment-friendly mid-mile logistics solutions across various ITC locations in India. As part of this collaboration, ITC, through its vendors partners, will progressively deploy over 100 units of Eicher Pro 2055 EV. These have proved to be significant milestones in our journey towards manufacturing fleets with zero tail emissions.

Eicher's EV innovation has also produced two topline electric buses - Skyline Pro E 9M and Skyline Pro E 12 M. The buses have been built by VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, a joint venture between India's Eicher Motors and Sweden's Volvo Group to modernise commercial transport business. In June 2022, the Chandigarh administration added 40 Eicher Skyline Pro E 9M electric buses to its public transport fleet.

Recently, Eicher also delivered six Skyline Pro-E 9m Staff AC Electric Buses to the Indian Army. The delivery ceremony took place in the presence of Senior officers from Indian Army & VECV Management team. These buses will support the Indian Army's transformative initiative to deploy environment-friendly and sustainable transportation for staff and troop movement.

Ideal for urban roads, the Skyline Pro E 9M comes fitted with integrated high-energy storing batteries, an all-electric driveline, and top-notch safety and comfort features. Skyline Pro E 12m is also a superior transport solution with world-class safety features like FDSS, lightning protection and short circuit protection. It requires considerably less charging time and also enjoys a longer battery life.

All ‘Charged-Up’ For A Clean Future

Every initiative and innovation underlines our commitment towards building a greener, more sustainable future for India. Apart from delivering clean energy transport solutions, electric vehicles have other advantages, too. These include lower running and maintenance costs, and better performance. The government is also offering several incentives for people to buy electric vehicles, including a reduction in registration fees and road tax. Another benefit is that these vehicles create almost no sound, thus curbing noise pollution. At Eicher, we feel privileged to be one of the leading players in designing zero-emission transport solutions for India, thus promising our country a clean and bright future.