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  • 27 Dec, 2017

The ‘born Intelligent’ Era In Trucking Has Arrived

What are the biggest challenges for a truck dealer or a transporter? In addition to the broader issues like erratic diesel prices, fluctuating economy and ever-intensifying competition, he also faces some worrisome situations like high fuel consumption, high maintenance, lower productivity, lower uptime and driver discomfort. All these problems can be resolved only through smart transport solutions that are modern and advanced in technology.

Few questions that must be worrying you are – how is the model better than other brands in the market? Why should the consumer buy it? And what exactly does Eicher plan to give to the end user through this model? Well, the Pro 6037 was born with the thought of making trucking experience easier with all the technologically advanced measures. It is well-outfitted to compete in the fast-growing 37-tonne heavy duty truck segment. Equipped with advanced telematics, M (mileage) Booster, EMS 3.0, EPS, real time fuel coaching and cruise control – it is a customer-centric, powerful and PRO-today truck in this segment, truly living up to its ‘Born Intelligent’ identity.

Unique features of Eicher Pro 6037

A real-time dashboard, Eicher Live advanced telematics system, is a dynamic intelligent solution, which monitors fuel management, uptime management and trip management, thus helping the consumer to be the ultimate boss of his business.

M-Booster System offers best-in-class fuel mileage, ensuring high fuel efficiency through a combination of energy conservation processes. Eicher Pro 6037 is power-packed with fuel efficient driveline with a VEDX5 4-cylinder engine that guarantees maximum driver comfort and lifetime profitability. With an Eco mode also on offer, the truck serves the purpose of extracting better fuel economy.

Its 9-speed Transmission, strong and flexible DOMEX chassis, a sleeper cabin designed with state-of-the-art features ensure competent driving and superior productivity. The Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS) in the model, as the name suggests, is a live information system that updates the driver about truck operational parameters, fuel consumption and advanced diagnostics. Also encompassing fuel coaching, IDIS nails down economical driving practices. The truck’s Engine Protection System (EPS) helps in engine protection from low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and fuel leakage.

Eicher Pro 6037 is pumped up with some of the most matchless safety measures. Designed for a fatigue-free, smooth driving experience on long routes, Cruise Control lets the driver speed up in a broader range of rpm for a longer time. Its dependable parabolic suspension and tubeless tyres ensure better road grip, thus guarantying better comfort, increased durability and lesser maintenance cost.

Technology, coupled with other key features, makes for one power house of a truck called Eicher Pro 6037. The model boasts of power windows for both the driver as well as the co-driver. The manufacturers have made air-conditioning better and more convenient, ensuring that long journeys are no longer a challenge for the drivers, courtesy the 5-vent grill for better air flow and 4-speed blower for better cooling. They have also taken care of the end user’s entertainment. With Nippon Audiotronic Stereo with AM/FM radio, one mini USB port and two speakers on the Rear Bunk Area, the premium music system in the Pro 6037 is every driver’s best companion, as it makes the journey a cheerful experience.


With the arrival of the 37-tonne vehicle in the industry with the sole target of redefining the trucking experience for customers, Eicher Pro 6037 is confident that it will carve out an influential presence and a strong position in the heavy duty segment soon, and grow the brand’s market share from the current rate of around 5%.

In case you have any queries about the model’s latest intelligent technology fitments, do let us know in the comments section.