Jai Commercial, Chennai: Truly Making the Customer Feel Like A King!
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Success Stories
  • 22 Jul, 2021

Jai Commercial, Chennai: Truly Making the Customer Feel Like A King!

To some, a challenge is always an opportunity and an obstacle is by itself a road to Success. They tend to put their weight and efforts behind every challenge to attain greatness. The story of such winning efforts is share-worthy in the case of Jai Commercial, one of our new partners, from a place called Poonamallee in Chennai. Legend has it that Jasmine flowers were cultivated here for worshipping god and therefore the name Poonamallee and it is with that dedication that the dealer serves customers in this part of town. It is a story of going that extra mile and ensuring complete customer satisfaction at all costs

After passing out from the prestigious Guindy Engineering College in Chennai, our young and dynamic engineer duo, Rajan and Deepak Chander, who run this dealership, decided to dream big. They saw an opportunity in the two-wheeler segment and dived right into it. Armed with passion and with a penchant for problem-solving, they built a business empire in the 2W segment with 12 outlets in Chennai within a period of 25 years. With a decade of entrepreneurial experience in the 2-wheeler industry and an unsatiated desire to grow, the dynamic duo ventured further into the commercial vehicle segment and Eicher captured their imagination. The journey thus began.

Customer delight has been the corner stone of success in their 2-wheeler dealership and it did not take time for Jai Commercial to bring all that knowledge and expertise into creating great customer experiences as a dealer of Eicher.

When there is a personal involvement from the management itself, there is a world of difference in customer satisfaction. It shows the customer that their needs are truly respected and served, no matter what time or place. This is seen in the Dedicated Appointment Number provided to all customers. When a vehicle’s owner or the driver comes with a problem to Jai Commercial, he can be 100% assured that it will be solved. This attitude itself is an attitude of mutual growth.

Rajan and Chander are highly regarded for their genuineness and their accessibility for anyone linked to their dealership. This is a top-to-down management approach in Jai Commercial. Every person in the dealership is inspired to deliver on complete customer satisfaction. Walking the talk themselves, Rajan and Chander have created a robust setup & business model that not only brings in new business but also ensures repeat business is intact. The strength of their decade-long expertise shows in their skill and professionalism in creating a platform for mutual growth be it, customers or employees. It highlights their contribution to this partnership with Eicher since 2020, being leaders in “uptime” and BSVI technology and after-sales service.

The road to success is littered with thorns and bushes, they say. But that can never dampen the spirit of these young entrepreneurs. COVID-19 lockdown struck the dealership, no sooner than it was born. It was a huge struggle to keep things on the road. Yet, the whole team united in its efforts and kept the fire burning.

The transition from BSIV to BSVI brought huge challenges and teething issues. Jai Commercial’s team was well-prepared. The truck driver or owner was assured of a quick solution, just on a phone call. Well equipped 24x7 workshops in Poonamallee and Maraimalai Nagar served customers promptly. The EOS vans and bikes ensured 100% reach. To take customer buying experience to the next level, this dealership went on to create a show room unparalleled in the CV space and that too in a record time. No wonder Jai Commercial achieved 12% market share within a short time span and created a respectable customer base in the region.

When your DNA is aligned to customer experience, success in the CV business is a given. Being a business that is highly demanding when it comes to customer needs, it requires a vision of the likes of Rajan and Chander to build an organisation that delivers on its promise, every moment of its existence. As they march ahead in this journey of excellence, breaking all barriers and roughing the storms of pandemic, they look forward to a great future with a rising brand like Eicher - a future of innovation, cutting edge technology in trucking and unparalleled customer experience. And in partnering with a dealer like Jai Commercial, we look forward to spreading the joy of Eicher trucking even more among our beloved customers of Chennai.