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Success Stories
  • 25 Feb, 2022

KNS Trucking, Korba- Mining their way to customer satisfaction

To serve the customers better, one should have experienced their challenges and worked with them closely to offer best-in-class services. One of our dealers, KNS Trucking Korba, is a living example of the same. Being an experienced player in the mining business himself, he has been able to crack the code with the customers in this segment and has been serving them exceptionally since 2020.

Mr. Amar Narayan Singh, the dealer principal of KNS Trucking, brings a very diversified experience to the business. An owner of a premium car dealership, he knows the importance of world-class experience and customer service. Being in the business of mining at Chhattisgarh since 1969, he is well-versed with the rigor and requirements of this tough application. This unique background has been the recipe for his instant success.

With their clear insights, KNS Trucking has been able to sell 100 HD trucks in the first 90 days of the dealership being operational. Continuing with this zeal, they were able to achieve a 22% market share in HD and a whopping 52% market share in the LMD segment in their first year of business.

Cracking the Code

As said earlier, it is imperative to understand the customer psyche to be able to provide the best services. The motto that has always been the guiding principle at KNS Trucking is to deliver what has been committed and be there with the customer 24x7. Thanks to this approach, they have been able to provide higher uptime to the customers and a great service experience, eventually building strong customer relations.

His conviction also comes from his own experience with Eicher products and services. It is his belief that motivates his team to deliver world-class service.

He often interacts with them and explains to them how to overcome challenges at work. Even during the peak of the pandemic, the team was self-motivated to go out and continued to serve them.

All these efforts have led to building a strong brand on-ground and in the hearts of customers.

We again congratulate Mr. Amar Narayan Singh and his team for their dedication and hard work. With partners like him, our service is getting closer to you each passing day.