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  • 05 Apr, 2021

Building Success Through Customer Service - Patel Sons Padora


The ongoing pandemic brought everything to a halt last year but the commercial vehicles kept running to deliver essential goods. During this period, our dealerships and workshops worked constantly to deliver optimum service to all these vehicles to keep them on road. Maintenance and upkeep were done in one of the most difficult and unforeseen conditions. It is this passionate and dedicated network of partners we have across the country who helped to keep our wheels of motivation running during a very challenging year.


Let’s talk about one of our new dealers, Mr Arjun Singh Rawat, proprietor of Patel Sons Padora, a 2S setup at Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. He is a tech graduate who comes from a family associated with the automobile business, just the right fit for an organization whose motive is to modernize the commercial vehicle industry. He came on board with us on 7th December 2019, as one of our latest partners in prosperity and since then has become known for his passion for differentiated customer service. This augurs well for all our trucks moving on Agra –Mumbai highway as well as the local trucks and bus owners around Shivpuri.


Mr Rawat believes that customer experience is the most valuable thing in today’s world and creates lasting customer satisfaction. He has, therefore, mastered that art and provides a best-in-class service experience to all his customers. There have been many factors that have played a significant role in making this happen. For e.g. providing 24x7 services with designated employees as sole job owners, which helps them to perform their duties in a more specialised way. This simple process innovation has resulted in a delightful experience for a lot of his customers. He has also developed expertise in providing express services in record time which has helped him to improve the uptime and turn-around of his customers.


“Service starts at home” has been his sole motto and driving force to expand his operations even further with Eicher. He has successfully used excellent customer service as an enabler for profitable growth for his customers and his dealership.

We again congratulate Mr. Arjun and his team for their dedication and hard work.

With partners like him, our service is getting closer to you each passing day.