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  • 29 Sep, 2021

Barwani Motors, Madhya Pradesh- Taking the Proactive Approach

Customer Satisfaction – Key pillar of growth

Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement that determines how happy customers are with a company's products, services, and capabilities. A satisfied customer can alone be considered the reason for repeat sales which ultimately leads to a ripple effect in the market. Thus, it is imperative to understand what drives their satisfaction which can be further understood only through regular market surveys and feedback.

Constructive feedback helps the company to understand the causes and describe the reactions to the problem statement. This further helps to maintain a balance between customer sentiments and satisfaction. Delivering on this ideology is one of our newest dealers - Mr. Kapil Shantilal Yadav of Barwani Motors, Madhya Pradesh. In a mere time span of 10 months of operations, Barwani Motors have not only raised the benchmarks of customer satisfaction and end-user satisfaction but have become the epitome of service.

Coming from a humble background and with a passion for automobile services, Mr. Kapil Shantilal Yadav set up and ran a successful venture of multi-brand service workshops. Recently, he saw the multitude of Eicher truck and bus customers driving through his area and took upon himself the task of providing them the best-in-class after-market experience. That’s how people at Barwani witnessed a state-of-the-art Eicher Smart Service facility under the name Barwani Motors come up in the next few months. It catered to the service requirements of the resident population as well as the ones who are in transit.

The Proactive Approach

One could not miss the spark in this team and the proactive approach with which they started their business. The team here targeted 100% customer satisfaction and aligned all their actions 3 months before the inception of the dealership in October 2020. They started analyzing the market & customer expectations and armed with these insights, they were ready to deliver a quick turnaround for regular services at their workshop. They not only promote Eicher Genuine Parts but also educate their customers regarding the benefits of using them.

Collaborative Culture

The drivers are one of the key influencers in the CV industry. The fleet owners tend to rely heavily on their driver’s experiences when it comes to product satisfaction. So, this real end user’s experience of the product and services is absolutely vital. To support them and put them at ease, Mr. Kapil & his team set up a joint task force of mechanical and technical staff wherein a driver could dial in directly to get all en route issues resolved quickly. Through this initiative, the team at Barwani Motors got in sync with the larger objective of delivering superior Uptime.

To bring in collaborative work culture and drive the value of customer satisfaction, Mr. Kapil has developed a 3-tier customer relationship process.

At the first level, the customer relationship executive calls the customers for a post-repair survey. It has been found that more than 90% of the customers are satisfied with the service being delivered at this level.

At the second level, the same is checked by his works manager and service advisor through visits to the customers and the drivers which provide the team with valuable feedback.

Finally, Mr. Kapil himself interacts directly with his team and customers to understand their needs and how they can be incorporated with his ultimate goal. This thorough CRM process is the reason that this dealership always has a pulse of the market and is able to continuously improve their customer’s experience.

Value-Added Services

Mr. Kapil not only excelled at routine services but went on to provide value-added services in abundance. He invested in a body shop that started within the 2nd month of operations and is now ensuring a quick turnaround of body repairs. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) are actively promoted amongst fleet operators for a seamless, timely, and prioritized service support Pan-India.

To support mining customers, Barwani Motors actively provides on-site support solutions even when sites are as far as 150 kilometers away from the workshop. He has also been promoting Eicher Secure so that his customers reap the benefits of the same. With this holistic approach, Barwani Motors is living the spirit of serving the customer anytime anywhere.

Unparalleled Passion & Determination

The team at Barwani Motors is both well-trained and experienced. They are personally groomed and nurtured by Mr. Kapil and exhibit qualities like team spirit and passion at work. It was during the second wave of pandemic where this passion of the team came to the fore.

When the entire nation was gasping for breath, the service at Barwani Motors continued despite all the hardships. They made sure all high-priority vehicles like ambulances, oxygen transporters, and trucks transporting Covid-19 medicines and vaccination were on the move. Urgencies were dealt 24x7 with EOS Vans and the team’s zeal overshadowed the fear of personal health. Mr. Kapil is extremely proud of his team whose attitude and spirit during the second wave has now gained ever-lasting respect and trust from the customers.

Barwani Motor’s dedication and hardwork has been awarded at Eicher’s Annual Dealer Conference 2021 with the “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction and Revenues in the 1st Year of Operation” award. We again congratulate Mr. Kapil and his team for their dedication and hard work. With partners like him, we are delivering an unmatched experience to our customers.