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  • 13 Sep, 2021

Paving the Road to Success through Inclusivity

The commercial vehicle industry drives innovation that directly or indirectly impacts our everyday lives. From daily essentials like food and medicines to logistics or transportation of heavy goods, every industry is practically dependent on the commercial vehicle industry. At the same time, innovations such as BSVI engines, fuel coaching, advanced telematics, and modern cabins are significantly influencing the transportation ecosystem and society at large. Emitting lesser pollution, easier resolutions to sudden breakdowns, and more ergonomically efficient trucks have made life easier for all stakeholders — from the manufacturers to the end customers and everyone in between.

A large portion of the credit for these innovations and their applications goes to the people who make sure the wheels keep moving, no matter the situation. From design labs to shop floors to the ones behind the wheels, these are the people who drive the industry’s progress. These unsung heroes are the backbone of the entire machinery, and recognizing their tireless efforts is the only way to pave a more holistic growth.

Providing a Platform to Rise and Shine

Achieving this is no mean feat and requires recognizing regular and dedicated efforts. If low attrition implies high loyalty, then the latter must be appreciated and utilized for bigger goals. A recent employment outlook report* of TeamLease Services marks a relatively minimal increase in attrition in the manufacturing, engineering, tech, and infrastructure sectors. The industry leadership can be credited for rising above roadblocks and the need of the hour is providing a more promising platform. In the CV industry, Eicher plays an active role in driving such initiatives to motivate its associates, bring out their best potential, help them upskill, and ensure their welfare.

The idea is to invest in resources that contribute the lion’s share in giving life to these innovations — workshop technicians, supervisors, and drivers. These are the people who keep the show running, come rain or shine. As the country reeled under the effects of the ongoing pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, these unsung heroes ensured the industry didn’t come to a pause at any point.

Building Technical Competence

It is important to keep the workshop technicians at par with the latest technological changes. This is where workshops such as Eicher’s EMTECH that focus on channel partners’ technical competence make an impact. For instance, over 2200 technicians were trained under EMTECH and made to compete in teams at a regional and national level. In effect, these programs help align competence with the current business needs and build a more conducive learning environment for everyone.

Equally important and relentless, the drivers are other sets of real heroes. Without them, the CV industry won’t be able to make the impact that it does. However, drivers are the most exposed to health hazards, some of which even they are not aware of.

Driver Welfare is Key

In order to reduce any adverse consequences of their hectic routines, Eicher introduced Driver Pragati Kendras (DPKs) and Driver Care Vans. While DPKs provides resting and training facilities for long-haul drivers, the latter is a part of the Eicher Driver Care Program that provides affordable and quality eye and ear healthcare services to these heroes. Till now, more than 2,50,000 drivers have benefited from this initiative.

The CV industry is heavily reliant on a workforce whose daily contributions are unparalleled. In reality, without these unsung heroes, it wouldn’t be possible for the industry to scale the heights that it has. Thus, celebrating and rewarding them are small steps that are crucial to achieving bigger goals. Besides building a strong workforce, such initiatives are the cornerstone of a modern and progressive organization that believes in partnering with all its stakeholders.

*source: https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/demand-for-digital-skills-drives-up-nattrition-in-it-sector/2300428/