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  • 21 Nov, 2019

Breaking Barriers, Challenging Stereotypes

As you walk on the streets of Mumbai, you are intrigued by the number of working women – some working at banks and offices, some selling groceries, and many others practicing law, medicine, etc. Each woman in her own way is combating stereotypes, chasing her dreams and making an invaluable contribution to the vibrancy of this city.

Trendsetters of a Kind

Yogita Bhaskar Mane & Chitra Ramrao Shikre are two such enterprising women in Mumbai, who have opted for bus driving as a full-time occupation and are treading a unique path. Hired under the Tejaswini bus scheme for women, the two are effectively driving Eicher Skyline PRO Midi buses. Breaking gender stereotypes, both women are driving more than 200 kms per day on the roads of Navi Mumbai and are proud of their achievements.

Stepping Up to Challenges

Challenging stereotypes has never been an easy feat and both women encountered several issues initially. However, with their grit and determination, they earned the confidence and respect of the people around them and went on to perform very well.

Training for Safer Driving

Having taken three months training in manual driving and later trained extensively by Eicher for automatic transmission vehicles, these women drivers are aware of the technologies that set their machines apart. Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) eliminates the use of clutch and gear shifts, allowing Yogita and Chitra to fully focus on roads. As women, they take much pride in explaining that they are better able to understand the needs of their commuters and contribute to the safety of women. They find it easier to tackle the numerous flyovers, crawling traffic and steep inclines in the city with features such as Hill Start Assist (HSA), facilitating safer driving. These women on a mission are thrilled to be a part of this scheme.

A New Era, A New Wave

This is just the beginning of a new era in India, where the indomitable spirit of women such as Yogita and Chitra is paving new arenas for them to create an identity by earning a livelihood with dignity. As they head back after a long day at work, the pride in their eyes and smiles on their lips are a true testimony to their sense of achievement and satisfaction. The journey is a long one and Eicher is proud to be a part of it as a dependable companion, encouraging these women to keep moving forward.