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  • 27 Dec, 2021

Prospering the Driving Force of CV Industry

The CV industry is the driving force behind the timely delivery of things that matter to us — from simple daily essentials to the most luxurious items. And, one of the active key players who keep this industry’s wheels rolling is the ‘driver’. A driver is an anchor of the transport system who is always on the move despite time constraints, difficult terrains, and unpredictable weather. Hence, keeping check of their health and ensuring their well-being should be of prime importance to anyone associated with the CV industry. At Eicher, we value all the drivers and their unstoppable fervor to keep going under all circumstances. Hence, we have been running Driver Empowerment Initiatives for quite some time to ensure their welfare, train them for self-development and self-sufficiency, and recognize their efforts.

Driver’s Health is Business’s Wealth

Commercial vehicle drivers are always on the go, rain or shine. Staying away from families for days on end sometimes takes a toll on their mental and physical health. Keeping these simple yet valuable aspects in mind, Eicher runs Driver Pragati Kendras — in association with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. — and Driver Care Vans — a joint effort by Eicher Group Foundation and Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital — across the country.

For the drivers set for the long haul, the Drive Pragati Kendras act as a breather during transit. Clean dormitories and refreshing areas, food at subsidized rates, self-cooking areas, medical assistance, secured parking are some of the features of these centers. There’s also provision for training on fuel conservation, soft skills, personal hygiene, financial literacy, and promoting best practices here. Taking breaks in these centers in between a long journey gives them a homely feeling, and they get to start afresh. There are currently six such centers successfully running, with close to 6000 drivers trained so far, six more centers will come up soon.

Imagine the strong headlights from approaching vehicles falling on their eyes at night! It can affect their vision severely. Similarly, sounds of continuous honking have a major impact on their ears. The Eicher Driver Care Program for Vision and Hearing, in association with Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital, was launched in 2016 to address these issues. It offers affordable and advanced eye and ear healthcare services to drivers on the go. There are 13 such mobile vans, wherein more than 68,000 drivers have been screened and benefitted from this initiative. Healthy drivers mean safe and secure journeys, especially when road accidents are a major concern area in the industry.

Training Drivers for a Safer Road to Future

We are all aware of the importance of road safety and the rising number of road accidents. Amid such concerns, commercial vehicles being driven by untrained drivers could lead to serious hazards. While the industry needs manpower, the key is to train them right to fit in seamlessly. And we all know how proper guidance and training can make a lot of difference in enabling drivers.

Eicher has always believed in providing the best-in-class upskilling platform to ensure their safety and productivity. Providing skill-based training through low-cost driver training modules is a step toward this endeavor. Especially, our pre-licensing program for freshers has inducted many young and promising individuals as drivers in the CV industry. Eicher training institutes have benefited more than 2 lakh drivers and empowered their livelihoods while bridging the gap between the skilled driver requirement and available manpower. There are 8 such institutes and 12 Regional Driver Training Faculties.

Saluting their Efforts

Truck drivers put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and toil to meet deadlines. Appreciating and felicitating them for their efforts is the minimum we can do to recognize their relentless dedication. In a bid to acknowledge this, we celebrate Driver’s Day every year at the Eicher Academy for Drivers in Indore. The day is also special for those undergoing the pre-licensing training program as they are certified for completing their course.

Drivers are the backbone of the trucking ecosystem, and their well-being is of utmost importance to ensure its smooth functioning. We will continue to reach out to them and keep up with our endeavor to help and empower them in every possible way.