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Innovation and Technology
  • 25 Jun, 2021

The Drive Towards being Greensponsible

What we informally call the three pillars of sustainability – people, profit and planet –stem from the concept of economy, society and environment, respectively. The 21st-century global enterprise is making conscious efforts to move towards "green" technology and living. Our next actions must be based on these. While the world celebrates the environment on certain days of the year, Eicher celebrates the environment year long.

Going Green at the core

Today far-sighted corporate strategy means adopting green technology in conducting a business- visible in the daily process and not just in the end product. It begins at the heart of it all – manufacturing. Eicher’s latest truck plant in Bhopal is India’s first-ever greenfield BSVI facility. Established in record time, it responds to enterprise and environmental goals. Silent and noise-free manufacturing are the highlights of production processes. Environment-friendly solutions have been integrated into all building, planning and finishing stages: daylight and rain-water harvesting, zero environmental discharge, waste-water treatment and so on. Likewise, our green initiatives have been extended to all our manufacturing plants.

Going Green Means Growth

Before one sees the paradigm as overwhelming, the advantages of green initiatives must be examined. Better growth, heightened brand reputation, and longstanding stakeholder and employee relations can be the wins. Think of green technology as a soft industrial skill with a hard impact. When a business is steadily committed to being green, benefits accrue for the brand and its stakeholders.

The latest BSVI emission norms mandated by the Indian government have been an essential advancement. Eicher transitioned from BSIV to BSVI in 2020, with its successful Eutech 6 technology. Thanks to this revolutionary transition, the outcomes include 70% hydrocarbon reduction, 50% particulate matter reduction and 89% nitrous oxides reduction. With cross-category auto brands coming on par with these EU regulations, a global vision of green businesses is becoming an everyday reality.

Revving with Green Mobility

The 2021 G7 Summit championed a "stronger global health system" along with climate change and trade issues. All these factors impact mobility and we must always strive for Green Mobility. Thus, alternate fuel options have started gaining mileage today. To this effect, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and electric vehicles are increasingly being adopted by the sector.

CNG creates economical and feasible options in everyday Indian life. India Inc.’s automobile arm is flexing applications of CNG to bust several myths, one trip at a time. The results are robust and efficient vehicles that directly impact everyone involved, from makers to end-users. Beyond personal-use cars and two-wheelers, these efficient vehicles also extend to commercial transport – like Eicher trucks – for daily essentials like farm and dairy produce, water and LPG cylinders. Before they enter the threshold of a home, they have travelled a journey of eco-friendliness. Green initiatives, therefore, are not just lifestyle changers but are more intrinsic in nature. They call for a change in the very fabric of our lives.

Partnering Prosperity is our carefully chosen motto. It is an all-inclusive enterprise goal. Like our products, green technology is dynamic and far-reaching. It is at once the means and the ends. It is the drive and the destination. It is today and tomorrow.