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  • 24 Jan, 2020

VEPT: Powering the Indian CV market for BSVI

Seemingly, everyone related to the CV industry is wondering about the upcoming implementation of BSVI norms from April 1st, 2020. The European world had taken a staggering 9 years in paving their journey from Euro IV to Euro VI whereas in India, we are all set to achieve the same feat in a mere 3 years. Although this is definitely an achievement, at the same time, it is a challenge for everyone involved and hence there is a heightened sense of speculation. They believe and understand that this is a genuinely good step forward for our country but are filled with apprehensions and doubts. In a dipstick we conducted, 81.3% respondents believe that these emission norms will be beneficial for the environment, however only 12.5% of the respondents confirmed that there will be no challenges in the transition from BSIV to BSVI. One of the road blocks which most are foreseeing is in the reliability of the engines which will be developed for meeting BSVI emission norms. This is where VEPT comes into the picture, bound to give Eicher an edge.

VEPT - An Expert in Manufacturing Next-Gen Engines

The heart of any vehicle is the engine and in BSVI the determinant that may make or break the equation is the reliability and uptime which can be delivered. Considering that a typical truck (Heavy Duty long haul) can generate a revenue of approximately Rs.12000-15000 in a day, even a day’s downtime is detrimental and more so when we transition to BS VI emission norms. Reliability in such high-tech engines can only be achieved with experience and expertise, both of which have been demonstrated excellently at VEPT. Today, it holds over six years of experience in manufacturing and exporting Euro 6 base engines for several Volvo Group entities. More than 1 lakh five-and eight-litre engines have been manufactured here and exported to 41 countries.

VEPT - Most Reliable Source for BSVI Engines

VEPT is all set to power our mid- and heavy- CVs with the BSVI diesel regulations coming into force in the next 2 months. The facility is equipped with an automated piston assembly unit, similar to the Volvo Powertrain assembly plant in Sweden. Our VEPT plant is also capable of producing 75,000 engines every year.

To cater to the challenge posed by BSVI, VEPT facility is fully equipped with advanced process management equipment, critical operation setups, and high levels of automation. It also lays focus on tackling challenges like high dust levels and low barrier properties and has emerged as one of the most hygienic and cleanest production units across different countries in Volvo Group.

There is widespread adoption of smart approaches and practices. The valve-train unit is assembled on to a machine known as Smart Cell that can assemble 168 parts in 120 seconds. In order to maintain efficiency and quality, the facility keeps a stern check on costs without losing sight of quality standards and cycle time. Low tolerances help ensure less noise in an environment where BSVI norms prescribe firm Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels. The facility is also equipped with all the safety features recommended by EU standards. Furthermore, our VEPT plant is also committed to stringent quality measures that ensure rolling out of well-configured and high calibre engines.

When it comes to BSVI, We are the Pioneers

In June 2019, we were proud to unveil India’s first-ever BSVI compliant engines, E474 and E494. Our achievement has been made possible owing to the frugal and successful amalgamation of technology. Our efficient engineering along with a pledge to deliver superior uptime will ensure that your transition to BSVI is perfect.