Innovation and Technology
  • 09 Sep, 2020

100% Connected for 100% Performance

Just imagine if you swallowed a pill containing a microchip and it transmitted real time information about your health. You could monitor everything from your heart-rate & blood sugar to your BP level, on your phone. And your fitness coach could remotely track your exercise pattern, muscle fatigue & calories consumed. Imagine if your family could see when you would reach home or work and your doctor could get alerts if any of the health indicators or vital organs, fell below their prescribed functioning levels.

Living in this connected world, would help you plan better and eliminate interruptions in your activities due to health issues, as well as prevent any major ailments that could set you back personally, professionally & financially.

Being 100% connected, helps optimise your mind & body, for 100% performance. Now imagine this in a truck!

Fleet managers are constantly stressed about optimising the performance of the trucks, through planning trip time more efficiently, maximising fuel efficiency and ensuring the truck or bus always stay up and running. Eicher Live is an advanced telematics solution that enhances the productivity of the fleet through real-time information & guidance on the performance of the vehicle.

Through Fuel Management services, you can not only monitor the fuel consumption patterns but use the analysis, together with the on-board dashboard technology to improve driving behavior and thereby increase fuel efficiency. Additionally, tracking the engine usage, vehicles speed, route time etc, you can plan faster and smoother trips. And finally, real time alerts, together with remote diagnostics of the engine, and gear-box, ensure that the vehicle gets repaired proactively, thus preventing costly break-downs on the highway.

In keeping with the vision of driving modernization in the CV industry, Eicher announced an industry-first proposition of 100% connected vehicles across its entire product portfolio, powered by the connected vehicle solution – Eicher LIVE. The trucks and buses built on the EUTECH6 platform will be equipped with pre-fitted hardware that would enable them to be completely connected while on the road along with the industry first ecosystem. India’s first Uptime Centre, together with 350+ GPS enabled service vans, 150+ super diagnosticians and a user-friendly App, will ensure that the uncertainty of the trucking business is replaced with maximum predictability and profitability.

Eicher’s range of 100% Connected trucks and buses means that now, everyone can get 100% performance from their fleet.

Stay Tuned to find out more about our 100% Connected Trucks & Buses! For more information on Eicher’s Connected Vehicles, click here