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  • 18 Feb, 2019

6 Hacks For Maximizing Your Commercial Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

With changing economy, the fluctuating fuel prices have jolted the transportation industry. Therefore, commercial vehicle manufactures and managers are finding innovative ways to improve the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles in order to provide maximum profitability to vehicle owners.

Drivers are the key players

Drivers play a key role in operating any vehicle and can make a huge difference in the amount of fuel a vehicle consumes. By economizing the fuel, drivers can help reduce fuel consumption, operating costs, carbon emissions, while also contributing to road safety.

Go easy on brakes

In order to maximize the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles, drivers should go easy on brakes. Applying brakes unnecessarily wastes energy, converting it into excessive heat. Harsh braking uses more fuel than usual. Besides, increased acceleration and gear changes also burn more fuel. Awareness and adoption of preventive measures will reduce the number of times drivers will apply brakes.

Avoid unnecessary idling as it not only wastes fuel but also increases emissions. You should turn off the engine when it’s not required or when stuck in traffic for a longer time. This will cause less pollution and also save fuel.

Monitor your tyres

Tyres are the one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Low pressure in tyres can increase the resistance and also waste fuel. You need to monitor the tyres of your vehicle regularly. Tyres at optimum pressure and with a good grip ensure a safe and effective operation of the vehicle.

Speed can regulate fuel economy

The speed of your vehicle also plays a critical role in regulating fuel economy. In modern, technology-driven vehicles, fuel stops entering the combustion chamber when the foot is taken off the accelerator. Using the speed mustered with acceleration can be used in many ways to save fuel, such as going over hills in a more fuel economical way. This allows your vehicle to use less fuel as compared to the amount of fuel it would burn starting again from a complete stop.

Driver education is also vital for the commercial vehicle business. Reinforcing good practices can benefit the fuel efficiency. As a driver, you must abide by the speed limits as mentioned on the road. Breaking laws along with crossing the speed limit can increase the risk of accidents, thereby adding stress to the engine and wasting fuel. Consistent and lawful speed is more economical and safer.

In such a scenario, Eicher Trucks & Buses manufacture some of the most fuel efficient trucks in India powered by M-booster technology/M-booster plus technology along with cruise control system. Besides, they have also taken the initiative of setting up several driver training institutes along with various other programs, which ensure that drivers practice safe driving, people understand traffic rules, roads are safe, and young kids become responsible citizen tomorrow.