EicherStarline 10.90 L RP SD

Eicher 10.90 L bus is designed with the purpose of achieving the right blend of style, comfort, and safety of countless passangers. Through our state-of-the-art technology, we offer much more reliability. Also, the aesthetic appeal of the Starline makes it stand out whenever it hits the road.

  • Seating Capacity
    Seating Capacity40+D (2x2 )
  • Engine
    EngineE483 TCIC
  • Power
    Power95 hp
  • Torque
    Torque285 Nm
  • Transmission
    Transmission 5 Speed
  • Fuel Tank
    Fuel TankDiesel

Wheelbase 5165 mm
Front Overhang 1005 mm
Rear Overhang 3099 mm
Overall length 9269 mm
Seating Capacity39+1+D (2x2)
Engine Make E483 TCIC, BSIII
Power 95 HP @3200 RPM
Torque (rpm) 285 Nm @1445 rpm
Clutch Diameter   310 mm
Transmission 5 Forward and 1 Reverse
Brake  Air Brake
Tyre   8.25x16 16PR
Suspension Semi-elliptical laminated spring
Steering Tilt and Telescopic, Power steering
Battery (Ah)   12 V, 130 Ah
Alternator (Amp) 12 V-75 Amph
Fuel tank capacity   100 litres

Route Permits
Best in class fuel efficiency
Low in maintainence
Stronger aggregates
Superior ride comfort