EicherPro 1080XPT

Eicher Pro 1080XPT tipper is one of the most profitable product of the Eicher Pro philosophy. Built specifically for carrying construction material, you will find it highly trustworthy. It comes loaded with features like solid power, easy maneuverability, enhanced stability and reliability, making it perfect for operating on rough terrains. Add to it high fuel efficiency, low operating cost and excellent service support, here is your rugged, reliable and profitable partner

  • GVW
    GVW8750 kg
  • Engine
    EngineE483 4cyl 2V TCI
  • Power
    Power110 hp
  • Torque
    Torque330 Nm
  • Transmission
    Transmission ET 35 S5
  • Body Size/Type
    Body Size/Type3.6
GVW 8750 kg
Wheelbase 2815 mm
Engine E483 4cyl 2V TCI
Body Type (option available)
Max Power Output ~110 HP @ 2800 RPM
Max Torque Output 330Nm @ 1440 - 1600 RPM
FIP System Mechanical with LDA technology
Emission BSIII
Transmission ET 35 S5
Gear Type 5 Speeed (5 forward, 1 reverse) with hybrid GSL
Clutch Dia 310 mm
Steering Tilt & telescopic power steering 6 degree tilting and 30 mm telescopic movement
Gradeability (%) 29
Ground Clearance 210 mm
Battery 12 V - 70 Ah
Fuel Tank Capacity 100 litres
Brakes Service: Dual circuit, full air 'S' cam brake with VOSS fitment
Exhaust: Vacuum assisted, automatic type
Suspension Front: Semi-elliptical laminated leaves with shock absorber
Rear: Semi-elliptical laminated leaves with helper springs
Tyre Front: 8.25x16 - 16PR (Rib type)
Rear: 8.25x16 - 16PR (Lug type)
Cabin 2m wide aerodynamic cabin with modern styling & PEGASUS family look
laterite soil
laterite stone
hollow bricks
crusher stone
boiler stone
High resale value
Low maintainence and superior uptime
Superior cabin comfort
best in class fuel efficiency
Fast pick up and acceleration
High rated payload