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EICHER Starline 2090 L AC

The all new Starline is designed to deliver best in class operating economics with higher level of comfort and performance. Superior fuel efficiency coupled with lower maintenance costs leads to high profitability. BSVI Starline Staff is driven by state-of-the-art E474 engine which provides powerful performance. The modern driveline is complemented by contemporary design by way of uni-tone front Pegasus looks and refreshed interiors.

Seating Capacity41
Fuel TypeDiesel
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Seating Capacity  39+1+D HHR
Wheelbase (mm) 5240
Overall Length (mm) 9584
Overall Width (mm) 2164
Overall Height (mm) 3070
Front Overhang (mm) 1200
Rear Overhang (mm) 3144
Turning Circle Diameter (m) 19.4
Engine Make  E474
Displacement (cc) 2960
Power  140 hp (105 kW) @ 3200rpm
Torque  400 Nm @ 1200 – 2500 rpm 
Clutch (mm) 310
Transmission Make ET35S6 
Transmission Type  Synchromesh (6 Speed + 1 Rev)
GVW (Tonnes) 9.8
Chassis Type  Domex® 650
Chassis dimension (mm) 200X65X5 
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 160
Brakes  Dual Circuit 'S' Cam Full Air brakes 
Tyres 8.25x16 - 16 PR
Suspension Front Semi elliptic
Suspension Rear Semi elliptic
Steering  Power steering
Battery  12V 130Ah
Alternator  2 x 110A  
Floor Type  Button vinyl
DEF Tank Capacity (l) 20

Comfort & Convenience

Starline buses offer option of premium pushback seats and comfortable HHR seats with increased suspension span for superior ride-comfort. The complete range is available with AC op

New Gen Features

Eicher Live lets you track your vehicle and glance at vital performance parameters at the touch of a button. Fuel coaching and Mbooster+ enables the driver to operate the bus in th

Pleasing Aesthetics

The BSVI range of Starline buses have been given a design upgrade for both exteriors and interiors. The front fascia sports Eicher’s latest Uni-tone design, while the interiors a

Dynamic Fuel Coaching

Fuel coaching personally guides the driver towards the right selection of gear and rpm to help achieve higher fuel economy


MBooster+ allows the driver to drive in different modes of load and gradient to achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency

Cruise Control

Cruise control maintains speed/rpm without pressing ABC control pedals which leads to fatigue-free driving and higher fuel economy

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