Eicher Skyline Pro 3011 H Wider

The Skyline Pro 3011 H Wider redefines interior space with its wider body, offering a more comfortable and spacious environment for your staff. It is based on the dependable 3000 series platform and has a wider bus body (1590 mm), which increases the ambient space inside. Large, cosy seats and a spacious gangway offer a variety of seating options to ensure that each passenger is as comfortable as possible.

  • Seating Capacity
    Seating Capacity45+D
  • Engine
  • Power
    Power 105 kW
  • Torque
    Torque400 Nm
  • Fuel Type
    Fuel TypeDiesel
SPECIFICATIONS Skyline Pro 3011 H Wider
Seating Capacity High headrest seats(HHR) 45+D (3X2)
Wheelbase (mm) 4320
Overall Length (mm) 8957
Overall Width (mm) 2590
Overall Height (mm) 2956
Ground Clearance (mm) 185
Front Overhang (mm) 2045
Rear Overhang (mm) 2592
Turning Circle Diameter (m) 15.2
Engine Make  E474
Displacement (cc) 2960
Power 140 hp (105 kW) @ 3200 Rpm
Torque 400 Nm @ 1200 - 2500 Rpm
Clutch (mm) 310
Transmission Make ET40S5
Transmission Type  Synchromesh 5Speed + 1Rev
GVW (Tonnes) 11
Chassis Type  Domex® 650
Chassis dimension (mm) 210 X 76 X 6
Fuel tank Capacity (L) 100
Brakes  Air Brakes - Drum with APDA
Tyres 235/75 R17.5 - 14PR (Tubeless)
Suspension Front Parabolic With Anti-roll bar(ARB)
Suspension Rear Parabolic
Steering  Power steering | Tilt & Telescopic
Battery  12V 130 Ah
Alternator  110 A
Flooring Silicon embeded Vinyl
Ad Blue Tank Capacity (l) 19
Dynamic Fuel Coaching

Fuel coaching personally guides the driver towards the right selection of gear and rpm to help achieve higher fuel economy


MBooster+ allows the driver to drive in different modes of load and gradient to achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency

Cruise Control

Cruise control maintains speed/rpm without pressing ABC control pedals which leads to fatigue-free driving and higher fuel economy


Intelligent Driver Information System keeps the driver informed of all the runtime information of the bus

EUTECH6 E474 engine

This engine offers dual benefits of high power and high fuel efficiency

Eicher Live

Eicher Live, an innovative and intelligent Telematics-based system, facilitates in keeping track of fuel consumption, maintenance needs and movement of buses