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Pro 3000 Series Chassis

Pro 3000 Series Bus Chassis

The new 3000 range of Pro chassis is designed to cater to the premium segment of passenger travel. Pro Chassis delivers best-in-class-fuel efficiency, superior Up-time and overall higher VLP (Vehicle Lifetime Profitability) through reliable engineering expertise of Eicher. The new Eicher 3000 chassis is driven by state-of-the-art E494 engine which provides powerful performance of 160hp that is suitable for any application. The new BSVI range is fuel efficient and has a lower maintenance cost leading to higher profitability.

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High Performance Engines

The all new Eicher Pro 3000 series chassis is powered by E494 engine which deliver high power and torque while remaining true to the promise of best-in-class fuel efficiency. The Pro 3000 series is built on the highly reliable Domex® chassis coupled with a low maintenance 6-Speed transmission.

New Gen Features

Eicher Pro 3000 series is equipped with Intelligent Driver Information system which provides all the vital vehicle information on an easy to view digital display. Features APDA, clutch booster and cruise control ensure operational efficiency.

Fluid Economy

Best-in-class fuel efficiency is offered across the range through features like Fuel coaching and Mbooster+ that enable the driver to operate in the most fuel efficient manner. Efficient engines coupled with Viscotronic fan reduces the parasitic losses for better fuel delivery; efficient EATS ensures optimized AdBlue consumption.

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