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‘Eicher Sure Pre Owned Vehicles’ is a trusted platform for purchase and exchange of used trucks, which provides assurance and removes all apprehensions of the customers related to ‘used truck’ transactions.

‘Eicher Sure’ stands for being sure of Quality, Reliability, Transparency, Affordability, Value for Money and complete peace of mind. It provides end-to-end solution to customers in the purchase and exchange of used trucks. This also helps cater to prospective driver owners who are not able to own new trucks due to cost constraints.

Today, customers looking for replacement of their existing fleet and upgrading to new vehicles, primarily find it difficult to exchange their used trucks with new trucks, due to lack of authorised channels. ‘Eicher Sure’ is a trusted place and single window solution for all such customers.

Sure of quality
101 Points Quality Checks
Sure of Reliability
Refurbished with Eicher Genuine Parts
Sure of transparency
Transparent Documentation Process
Sure of Value for money
Low on Investment High on Returns
Sure of Affordability
Re-Finance Facility Available
Sure of peace of mind
After Sales Service Support

latest addition to the used truck fleet

  • Model:Signa 2528K
  • Payload:NA
  • State:Rajasthan
  • Age: 3
  • Model:Pro 8031T
  • Payload:21.5 Tonne
  • State:Karnataka
  • Age: 8
  • Model:3118 Tipper
  • Payload:25 T
  • State:Madhya Pradesh
  • Age: 5
  • Model:8025 T
  • Payload:13T
  • State:Telangana
  • Age: 7
  • Model:6049
  • Payload:490000
  • State:Uttar Pradesh
  • Age: 5
  • Model:Blazo 49 only horse
  • Payload:40T
  • State:Gujarat
  • Age: 6

Eicher Used Truck Finance

Owning a truck will now be a reality with Eicher Sure support. We have arranged easy and hassle-free loan solutions on used trucks from our associate financiers.

We understand the challenges and unique requirements of your business, be it in the area of investments, operational costs, or expected returns. We help you enhance your profitability on a used Eicher truck by providing fast and easy financial solutions at your doorstep.

Exchange made easy

Looking to upgrade old trucks? Exchanging an old vehicle with a new one is easy with Eicher Sure. Designed to offer one stop solution to the customer, Eicher Sure does a transparent evaluation of old vehicle ensuring good resale value, hassle-free transaction and complete peace of mind. So, DRIVE IN with your old vehicle and DRIVE OUT with a technically advanced new product from Eicher.


‘Eicher Sure’ is driven by our Eicher Authorised Dealer Network across India. These dealers are trained to take care of all the worries of customers in purchasing and exchanging used trucks. They also provide a shopping experience at par with best in the industry for genuine resale processes and systems.

Buy a Used Truck!
  • Assurance of a reputed and trusted brand
  • Experience of complete transparency & convenience in buying used trucks
  • Reliable & refurbished trucks with value for money
  • Availability of re-finance support
  • Ease in transfer of ownership
  • Low on investment, high on performance
Exchange Your Used Truck!
  • Transparent and fair used truck evaluation system
  • Good resale value of your used truck
  • Immediate settlement of payments
  • Attractive exchange benefits
  • Your used truck goes in safe hands and clean documentation
  • New Eicher trucks with advanced technology and better payload capacity
  • Attractive finance options with easy down payment and low EMI
  • 24x7 Eicher On-road Service (EOS) Assistance and wide network of Sales and After-sales Service

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