Eicher Pro 3015 L32

The Eicher Pro 3015-32ft is a revolutionary 16.3 t GVW truck with 32ft cargo body length that raises the bar for limitless performance and profitability. Its revolutionary 32 ft cargo body length, driver comfort, cutting edge technology, best in class safety and reliability along with superior overall performance keeps you “Limitless"

  • GVW
    GVW16.37 t
  • Engine
  • Power
    Power 160 HP
  • Torque
    Torque500 Nm
  • Transmission
  • Cargo Body Length
    Cargo Body Length32
GVW(Kg) 16371
Wheelbase(mm) 6690
Cargo Body Length (ft) 32
Engine Type E494 4 Cyl 4 V CRS BS VI
Max Power 160 HP @ 2600 rpm
Max Torque 500 Nm @ 1200-1800 rpm
Gearbox ET50S7- 7 Speed Gearbox
Gear Shift Hybrid Gear Shift
Steering Tilt & Telescopic
Clutch Dia 330 mm
Propeller Shaft Monotron (Lubrication for life)
Ground Clearance 258mm
Cargo body length (Internal) L32
9750 mm
Cargo body CBC
Fuel Tank (L) 425
Brakes (Service) Full Air brake divided line with auto slack adjuster at all wheel ends and APDA
Suspension F- Parabolic with shock absorber
R- Semi elliptical laminated leaves with helper spring
Tyre 9.00R20-16 PR
Cabin 2.1m Cockpit Design Premium Sleeper Cabin
7 Speed Gearbox

Industry's first 7 speed gearbox that delivers higher torque leading to exceptional payload capability and superior gradeability

Cruise Control

Cruise control maintains speed/rpm without pressing ABC control pedals which leads to fatigue-free driving and higher fuel economy


MBooster+ allows the driver to drive in different modes of load and gradient to achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency

Fuel Coaching

Fuel coaching (Intelligent Driver Information System 2.0) personally guides the driver towards the right selection of gear and rpm to help achieve higher fuel economy

Parcel & Courier
White Goods
Packaged food
Auto parts
Limitless connectivity