EicherPro 3008

Eicher Pro 3008 is the first product from Eicher Pro series which is being introduced in Latin America. It brings together Volvo Group’s world class technology and processes along with Eicher’s innovative engineering and proven DNA of fuel efficiency. With the new generation CRS4 cylinder 4 valve engine and Volvo Group EMS 3.0, the 8.5T GVM truck delivers nonstop performance with unmatched fuel mileage. The truck is equipped with the cabin adapted from Japanese design for comfort, safety and efficiency. Eicher Pro 3008 is tested across Asia and Africa for 5,00,000 kilometres through various terrains and climates.

  • GVW
    GVW8.99 t
  • Engine
  • Power
    Power110 Kw
  • Torque
    Torque490 Nm
  • Transmission
    Transmission ET40S6
  • Cargo Body Length
    Cargo Body Length17 ft
Description Eicher Pro 3008
GVW(Kg) 8999
Wheelbase(mm) 3850
Front Overhang (mm) 1198
Rear Overhang (mm) 2105
Cargo Body Length (ft) 17
Engine Type E494
Max Power 110KW @ 2800rpm
Max Torque 490Nm @1400 ~ 1600rpm
Clutch Type Push Type
Gearbox ET40S6
Rear Axle 340DH Rear Axle
Chassis Type Straight frame
Suspension Front Suspension: Semi-Elliptic Laminated
Leafs with Anti-Roll Bar and telescopic shock absorbers
Rear Suspension: Semi-Elliptic Laminated Leafs with telescopic shock absorbers
(With Helper Springs)
Steering Hydraulic power steering
TCD (m) 14
Gradiability(%) 30
Max Speed (kmph) 106
Fuel Tank (L) 190
Battery 12V -100Amp
Tyre 235/75R17.5-16PR
Water Bottle Distribution
Meat and Poultry
Construction and Hardware Material
FMCG distribution
Superior uptime and minimized maintenance
Class leading fuel effeciency
Active and passive safety features
Cabin adapted from Japanese design; with IDIS