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Presenting the all New Coach and Sleeper with this stylish modern bus platform; The best of two worlds have come together to redefine bus journeys in India. Powered by the legendry Vedx5 engine and a tailor made chassis exclusively from the Eicher family the new Coach is ready to perform. The bus has been engineered at the Volvo buses world class manufacturing facility at hoskote meeting with international quality standards offering the best of design, safety and comfort. Get ready to experience the upgrade.

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Classic comfort

Plush push back seats with optional calf support or full length Sleeper berths in two levels with 2x1 configuration are available for customer selection. The seats and berths are tailored with indulgent cushions and have an opulent finish that further enhance the relaxing experience.

Experience upgrade

Step into a new experience airy ambiance with large windscreen for panoramic views, stylish passenger console with AC louvers, USB charger, bag rack, mobile holder and tinted side windows to upgrade your experience.

Assured Reliability

The sturdy Domex® chassis is designed to deliver more. Modern fabrication as per international quality standards, tested and reliable aggregates like Air suspension, APDA and LFL propeller shaft offers dependability that you can bank upon.

High Performance Engine

The Vedx5 engine delivers high power of 210hp @ 2200 rpm and flat torque of 825 Nm over a wide range of rpm while remaining true to the promise of being the most fuel efficient engine in its class. High performance is guaranteed by the global Volvo EMS and EPS.

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