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At Eicher we believe:
It’s never about me. But about we
Never about mine. But about ours.
It’s never about just one company but about an entire nation.
Because more than working hard. Or working smart.
We believe it’s more about working together.
Working together to set new professional standards
And with the world’s best to give you next-gen productivity vehicles.
Then working with drivers, mechanics and the support network
to keep our promise of ensuring your vehicle is on-road always.
We work with you at every step of the journey,
to ensure the profitability of your business.
Because we believe, when you get a vehicle from us, you become a part of our community and together we are


Partnering Prosperity: Our guiding light that drives everything we do. It’s what we strive to ultimately achieve. We have charted out a clear road-map to drive modernization while partnering prosperity with all stake holders. The focus is on Productive Technology, Customer Experience and Prosperous Communities including Drivers, Mechanics, Fleet Owners, Managers.


We create mutually-beneficial relationship with our customers through our Customer First approach.

Responsiveness: We embody the responsive attitude through our 24Hr Back-On-Road Promise, Dial-A-Part and Remote Diagnostics.

Friendly: Lifetime Support Solutions is a first of its kind concept in the industry where we partner the customer right through the life cycle of the vehicle while displaying our friendly approach.

Transparency: Integrated sales, aftermarket planning processes and real-time visibility of vehicle repair status showcases our transparent culture.


Best-In-Class Fuel Efficiency: We design vehicles to provide Best-In-Class Fuel Efficiency through innovative features of Fuel Coaching, M-Booster Plus, Cruise Control, etc. while increasing driver efficiency through technology and training.

Superior Uptime:Next generation engine technology, GPS enabled On-Road service vans, Onsite Support, Uptime Centre and a pan India competent network, guarantees that vehicles experience Superior Uptime.

Relevant Modernization: Right balance of technology through man-machine combination at BSVI engine manufacturing facility, robotic cabin painting and ultra-safe school buses, are few testimonies of Relevant modernization.

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