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At Eicher we believe:
It’s never about me. But about we
Never about mine. But about ours.
It’s never about just one company but about an entire nation.
Because more than working hard. Or working smart.
We believe it’s more about working together.
Working together to set new professional standards
And with the world’s best to give you next-gen productivity vehicles.
Then working with drivers, mechanics and the support network
to keep our promise of ensuring your vehicle is on-road always.
We work with you at every step of the journey,
to ensure the profitability of your business.
Because we believe, when you get a vehicle from us, you become a part of our community and together we are

Partnering Prosperity


Eicher was the catalyst in the green revolution in India with the production of India’s first agricultural tractor in 1959.

We were also a part of progressive India, as it opened to the world, by collaborating with a leading Japanese auto company to revolutionize the light commercial vehicle sector in 1982.
In 2008 came the landmark moment when 2 leading brands in the commercial vehicle industry, came together with one common vision.

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