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Eicher Financial Services

Eicher Financial Services is a captive financing solution for your Eicher Trucks and Buses, specifically designed for your business needs, with easy and hassle-free loan and lease solutions.

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Representatives Location Contact Numbers
Eicher Financial Services
Dinesh Iyyan Karnataka, Maharashtra and West Bengal +91 8861079899
Omar Ahmad Uttar Pradesh +91 8799316322
Service Request Hotline (Monday to Friday, 10.00AM to 6.00PM) 1800-4190-700
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How it Works

Eicher Financial Services offers tailor-made financial solutions to suit your business needs, so that you can own your Eicher truck or bus in a hassle-free manner, while enhancing the profitability of your business.


Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the customer right away with spread payments in the form of monthly instalments. Loan repayment structures can be designed according to the business cycle. Asset shows on the balance sheet of the customer as owner.

Financial Lease Options:

An individual can also opt for a finance lease, which offers tax relief. At the end of the contract, the vehicle can be transferred to the customer at a nominal transfer price.


Insurance offers are provided and underwritten by third-party insurance providers and facilitated by Eicher Financial Services to enable a one-stop solution for customers.

Customer Benefits:
  • Ownership from day 1 in loans
  • Business cycle partners
  • Hassle-free customized loan solutions
  • Tax efficient finance lease solutions
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