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Tractor Trailer

Tractor Trailers Heavy Duty

The new range of BS VI Eicher Pro Heavy Duty tractor trailers, available from 39.5-55 tonne GCW, is designed and developed to provide unparalleled business advantage by maximizing product performance right through the life cycle of the vehicles and minimizing the cost of operations making these trucks Profitable for life.

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More Trips. Extra Miles

Robust and optimized driveline with High Power to weight ratio & high torque to weight ratio, High tensile strength Domex chassis, Quick gear shifts and minimal RPM & torque disruptions

Superior Uptime

Reliable and durable aggregates, Advanced On-Board Diagnostics, Engine Protection System (EPS) that protects engine against low oil pressure & high coolant temperature, Fully equipped Eicher Service Network

More Comfort. Longer Drives

Ergonomically designed cabin for increased driver efficiency, AIS 029 crash tested dual panel cabin with improved 4-point suspension, Parabolic Suspension for better Riding comfort, 6-way adjustable seat and tilt & telescopic steering, Intelligent features to improve driver efficiency - Cruise Control & IDIS

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