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Eicher Pro 6037 – Pro Fuel Efficiency Advantage

VE commercial vehicles Ltd. (VECV) promises that its Pro 6037, Pro Fuel Efficiency Advantage truck (referred as PFEA hereupon) will deliver better fuel efficiency than other equivalent vehicles in the same category under standard testing conditions as defined in the offer document below.

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Terms and conditions
Pro 6037 – Pro Fuel Efficiency Advantage

VE commercial vehicles Ltd. (VECV) promises that its Pro 6037, Pro Fuel Efficiency Advantage truck (referred as PFEA hereupon) will deliver better fuel efficiency than other equivalent vehicles in the same category under standard testing conditions as defined in the offer document below. The FE Promise (referred as offer hereupon) provides that if the customer currently owns (through direct legitimate purchase from manufacturer’s authorized dealerships) any of PFEA and if the truck does not provide the better fuel efficiency against the equivalent vehicle in the same category (referred to as non Eicher Truck) under conditions defined in this document, then VECV proposes to compensate the customer for the difference in the mileage.

All the customers who have purchased Pro 6037, PFEA trucks during the offer period as per terms and conditions mentioned in the document will qualify for this offer. The offer is applicable for the first three (3) months from the date of registration or four (4) months from the date of invoice whichever is earlier, of Pro 6037 PFEA truck purchased by the customer and after completion of 5000 Km which is defined as the running-in-period.

Offer details
Vehicle selection criteria

The non Eicher truck to be eligible for this FE advantage promise must comply with the following criteria

  • The identified non Eicher truck must be a comparable vehicle (as identified by VECV to be comparable model and the models available at the date of release of this offer) with matching configuration as that of PFEA in terms of similar wheelbase, load body type and size, similar tyre male and performance characteristics, tyre size, tyre type (radial / nylon and tubeless), tyre condition, tyre tread depth, similar vehicle age, Kilometer coverage and similar configuration (Like same capacity fuel tanks, wind deflector fitment, etc.) equivalent emission norms (BSIV) and a non Eicher truck.
  • Offer is applicable for Pro 6037, PFEA truck equivalent GVW trucks i.e. 37 Ton GVW truck only.
  • The trial truck must be in the original state and must not have under gone any mechanical/ vehicle/ software/ modification/ special additives in fuel/oils in any manner which may lead to enhanced performance or any other implications. If at any time any such modification is identified by VECV, the offer shall stand to be null and void.
  • The non Eicher truck must provide mileage such that the FE gap with Pro 6037, PFEA truck is lower than the claimed FE advantage, by undergoing the back to back trial under as per the trial protocol defined in this document and/or pre-trial signoff document other than the trial stated FE or any standalone trial by the customer will not be considered under this offer.
  • Trucks made in India and sold through authorized dealership shall only be considered for coverage under this offer.
  • The back to back trial are applicable for only rated GVW or lower and not for any load beyond rated GVW of the truck. A customer will be entitled to avail the offer only once for each PFEA owned vehicle / vehicle fleet. Multiple claims for the same vehicle or other vehicles shall be owned by the customer shall not be valid.
Customer eligibility for this offer
  • Any resident Indian Adult citizen, with current ownership of PFEA is eligible for this offer.
  • This offer related contract is personal between VECV and the customers. The customers entering into this contract shall not disclose/discuss/share/advertise the details of this contract to any third party in any manner whatsoever such as in social media. Any act in breach of the above would make the offer null and void.
  • A customer may undertake the offer trial on his/her own free will as per the offer terms and conditions.
  • VECV employees and their families, agents and business partners directly or indirectly related to VECV or their contractors are not eligible to participate in this offer.
Other Terms and conditions
  • The back to back trial or its period may be amended at the discretion of VECV management without prior notice. This could include extending the trial, or performing it for consistency.
  • The offer is valid for VECV Pro 6037, PFEA trucks retailed or purchased by the customer on or before November 30, 2018.
  • The offer is not valid for trucks which are used for special applications, trucks converted for tipping applications (Converted tippers, haulage tippers etc.)
  • VECV reserves the right to close the offer and modify terms and condition of the offer at its sole discretion any time during the period of the offer and without any prior notice. However, the offer given on PFEA till the date of withdrawal of offer shall be honoured subject to compliance with other terms and conditions.
  • VECV, its employees, its agents and contractors are not responsible for claims that are lost in transit (physical or electronic mode) or deleted or corrupted or not accessible in any manner.
  • VECV shall not be responsible for any loss or damage or consequential losses (direct or indirect) that any customer, whether any individual and / or organization may suffer as a result of the back to back trial process or this offer or amendment of the terms and condition of the offer.
  • VECV shall not be held accountable / liable for any disruptions / stoppages/ interruptions or cancellation of the offer due to matters beyond its control or for force majeure reason(s).
  • All disputes relating to or arising out or arising out of this offer shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of competent jurisdiction at Delhi, India.
  • The customer agree that he/she/they shall hold harmless VECV, its employees, officers, contractors, or other persons and shall defend them against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgements, expenses, or liability, arising out or, in connection with any or all claims, that may be brought against VECV by the customer or any third party in connection with this offer.
  • In the event any customer has further queries or desires to know more about the terms and conditions of the offer, the customer may write to VECV ( up to ten (10) days prior to the date of validity of the offer. VECV shall not be responsible if e-mails are not sent on this mail id and communication fails to reach VECV.
  • The offer is not a lottery or a game of chance.
  • Participating in this offer will require communication from the customer, and communication related to the participation by every customer, and hence the customer waives his/her ‘National do not call/disturb” directory rights for the purposes of this offer.
  • VECV shall not be liable to conduct the offer claim trial, if after receipt of customer’s request for offer claim, VECV is unable to reach customer even after (3) consecutive unsuccessful attempts to reach to the customer on his registered contact details with VECV. The same would apply for information requests made to any customer, who does not respond within (2) weeks or such other time stipulated for response.
  • All the data received by either party to this offer shall be treated as confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third party without prior written approval of the other party. This offer and / or claim against it, cannot be clubbed / exchanged with any of the other offer of VECV. Customer agrees to receive future calls form VECV regarding brand promotions /communications.