Eicher’s Winner Story

Mr Vikramajeet Singh
Eicher salutes Mr Vikramajeet Singh's Nayi Soch for his exceptional support and motivation to his drivers which resulted in the drivers' overall growth.
Archana Lakhapati
I own a pharmacy in a small town in Maharashtra. Being the only lady who runs a pharmacy, I had to be answerable to my society for venturing beyond household chores. But my dedication towards work and my patients had been an inspiration for many. There’re 19 pharmacies in my tehsil now that are being run by ladies!
Devendra Verma
Despite having a successful, life in the city as an engineer, Devendra quit it to bring in a change and improve the quality of farmers' life back in his village. He initiated local manure production & helped build a pond to tackle water scarcity.
Sweetypoo Budh
I’m a private teacher. I keep self upgrading to give my best to my students. I conduct free weekend classes for 20 rural students who live in remote corners. Though I have to walk 4 km to reach them, I never mind as long as I give them the best education. My passion lies in educating others and paving new paths for the betterment of the society.
Dilip Hazarika
I adopted Pankaj Gogoi, an orphan, when he was 7, and gave him all the education and facilities I could afford. He’s reliable, honest, hardworking and took up various labour jobs for financial security. Now, a graduate, he’s my business partner in our restaurant. I’m privileged and proud to have him with me, and I know he’ll be a fine leader one day.
Akhilendra Pratap Singh
Akhilendra believes good deeds can drive positivity and be an inspiration for many. A quality executive at a reputed dairy. He supervises milk sampling & dispatching of products in tankers. Observing how the company truck drivers struggle to stay fit he initiated a fitness camp for them. They learnt how some drivers were suffering from poor eye sight and high blood sugar due to unhealthy food habits. Immediate medical supports were initiated by the doctors. Fit with better health and sight today the drivers are ever thankful to Akhilendra for his noble effort.
We feel inspired by Akhilendra and his Nayi Soch. For initiating good health and happiness for others.
Jadu Mani
Jadu Mani and his eco-friendly habits. Jadu Mani inspires positivity. Over the last 15 years, he’s planted and gifted more than 500 saplings. An eco warrior, his green steps help reduce carbon footprint, and save power and water. Jadu encourages others to go eco-friendly too. He gifts saplings to help spread greenery. He often visits schools to spread awareness about energy conservation. Motivating kids to plant trees and conserve resources. Jadu’s initiative inspires us to work towards a better future, and leave a better planet for tomorrow. With his Nayi Soch philosophy, Jadu continues to inspire us to go green.

Eicher Salutes The Nayi Soch

Mr. Mallikarjuna's
Eicher salutes Mr. Mallikarjuna's Nayi Soch of using Half Pipe Body for his haulage tippers and also encouraged others in the market who followed his method in order to carry more load per trip within the specified GVW limits.
Mayursinh Gohil
Eicher salutes Mayursinh Gohil's Nayi Soch of launching the software that tracks the fleet and helps them reduce the workforce.
C L Mukati
Eicher salutes C L Mukati's Nayi Soch for initiating various welfare programs for his drivers ensuring their medical fitness helping them perform better at work.
Ashwini Logistic
Eicher salutes Ashwini Logistic's Nayi Soch of introducing a scheme of retention bonuses for the drivers that have brought a positive change in the transport industry.
Mr. Hemant Laddha & Mrs. Vandana Laddha's
Eicher salutes Mr. Hemant Laddha & Mrs. Vandana Laddha's thoughtful Nayi Soch of organising various welfare programs for uplifting their drivers and the team.
Eicher salutes Jigna’s Nayi Soch for organising welfare programs that enabled her employees to perform their best.
Team KATA, under the guidance of Ajit Kumar Tripathi, helped his suppliers to perform better by introducing the KATA program.
Dinesh Kucheria
Dinesh Kucheria ensures health & medical insurance for all his employees and even facilitates their IT tax return filings. He even introduced Telematics training for higher uptime and fuel efficiency. This Nayi Soch gained him his employee's loyalty.
Team Lakshya's
Eicher salutes Team Lakshya's Nayi Soch Team Lakshya, under the leadership of P. S. Gambhir, Head Procurement & Logistics, implemented the palletized loading technique, along with various IT-based solutions, leading to reduced unloading time and a 50% higher Turn Around Time at Eicher, resulting in happy & satisfied fleet owners.
Vidhyadhar Behra
I have been observing crusher business in my village for long. With my commitment, hard work and entrepreneurship mindset,  I started business initially with pan shop, vegetable shop, fruit shop and finally entered into transportation business. Now I own a fleet of over 20 trucks.
Mukesh Chaudhary
I initiated a reward program and drives a competition named ‘promoting the performer’ within drivers. The driver who delivers more  fuel efficiency, gets a certain amount of money per trip as a reward. This initiative has resulted in increased fuel efficiency from his vehicles and drivers are also earning approximately 100-500 rupees per day as incentives.
Bipin Agarwal
I started my career as a Munshi and my earning was merely 200 per month. My hard work, commitment and values, helped me expand my business to another level. Now I have a company that has a turnover of 50 Cr. and with my daughter learning the business, we are aiming for more together. 
Abhishek Mehta
I provided wheel nut openers to all my drivers, which saved them immense time and effort. I was also the first one to introduce radial tubeless tyres for trucks in Udaipur, which improved fuel efficiency by 3%
Viral Kumarpal
Many times drivers are not aware of their eye visions. So, I would organize free eye checkup camps and provide them free spectacles if needed. I would recommend that the higher officials and fleet owners visit their drivers’ homes during occasions. This creates a cordial relationship between the employer and the employee.
Rajat Kumar
I’m a businessman and I have 12 employees working for me. They all were illiterate up to an extent that they couldn’t even operate mobile phones. After I trained them, they can now do online bookings and banking transactions. They’re happy that they now don’t have to waste time standing in lines.
Sweta Mehta
During Diwali, I always visit all my staff members and gift them sweets, crackers and clothes. We enjoy bursting crackers together. This motivates them to perform better at work. In my opinion, if I don’t understand my staff’s emotions, then no matter how successful I am, it would be worth nothing to me. New and positive thinking will lead to a successful destiny.
Vaibhav Singh
Not everyone is aware that around four gallons of water gets wasted while purifying one gallon of water. What I have done is, I have connected the waste-water outlet of my water purifier to my garden and washrooms so that I can utilize it in a better way. It’s our sole responsibility to save water and all the resources available to us.
Shubha Sur
lives in a village, where women don’t participate in jobs or businesses. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and always had a clear vision. Hence, I started a small scale busines, which I ran from home itself. The business, involved making Papads, Kurawadi, Bhatavedi, Pickle and Potato Wafers, and selling the same. I plan to purchase a flour mill soon, in order to upgrade my business and save my self the time and effort of visiting a mill that is 2 km away, every time.
Vellayappan Kandhaswamy Nadar
(Owner, V S Auto Diesel Works) By using EICHER CONNECT Program from day one, I have accumulated points worth Rs. 4.6 lakhs. I redeemed these points to purchase motorcycles for the mechanics who work for me. On previous occasions also I have helped them with many such kind gestures
Jaspal Singh
joined his father's business in 2015 and decided to lead his 'Nayi Soch' of sponsoring the employees' kids. His father's company, Satguru Singh Roadways has now gone as far as sponsoring an employee’s kid’s IELTS fee and other formalities for sending the kid abroad.
Rohan Pandey
joined Eicher in 2015. Before the office hours, he organizes Yoga classes & Activity Group, which conducts CSR & activities like blood donation camps, clothes donations etc. This helps the employees have a more conducive and fun work environment.
Mr. Syed Fayaz
Established an authorized Eicher dealership. Upon setting up his new workshop, his 'Nayi Soch' was to revamp it along the lines of passenger vehicle workshops. So, he introduced amenities like a Customer Lounge, Pantry, Driver Rest Room, and Toilets at the workshop, to provide a better customer experience. This resulted in a 48% growth in his business.
Mr. Indraneel Ghosh
Started his business with 2 multi-axle trucks, and now owns a fleet of 70. A firm believer of fuel conservation, he paved the way for a better future by buying 6 electric scooters for his staff and their daily operations. Taking this initiative forward, he and his team are doing their bit to contribute towards a safer planet.

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