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  • 2 years/2 lakh kms Free AMC
  • Free Telematics with 2 years subscription
  • Extended warranty of 6 years
  • 95% Funding Available
  • Free Insurance

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Pro 3000 Range STAY AHEAD Trucks, For those who always want to remain ahead

  • Unlimited Km warranty*

  • Available from 12-16 Ton GVW

  • 7 Speed Technology

GVW 12-16T
Engine 3.8 Litre
Power 160HP
Torque 490Nm
Gear Type 7 Speed

4 reasons why Eicher Pro 3000
Series keeps you ALWAYS AHEAD

Stay Ahead with Best in Class Mileage

With Eicher E494 engine with 7 speed gearbox, M-booster+, cruise control and smart fuel coaching

Stay Ahead with Best in Class Comfort

With 2.1m wide cockpit styled cabin, suspended seats, parabolic suspension and music system

Stay Ahead with the Safest and Most Reliable Truck

With dual panel cabin, heavy duty bumper, anti roll bars, stronger and rugged domex chassis, and maintenance free propeller shaft

Loads of application
for a profitable road ahead




Technology that’s
simply class apart and city smart

Fuel Coaching

Fuel coaching (Intelligent Driver Information System 2.0) personally guides the driver towards the right selection of gear and rpm to help achieve higher fuel economy


MBooster+ allows the driver to drive in different modes of load and gradient to achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency

Cruise Control

Cruise control maintains speed/rpm without pressing ABC control pedals which leads to fatigue-free driving and higher fuel economy

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