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Eicher Live is India’s most comprehensive telematics solution for enhanced productivity and increased profitability.

Being a one-of-its-kind solution, Eicher Live feeds real time fleet data and enables active tracking of various parameters relating to your fleet, fuel consumption and trips. It is powered by an advanced fault identification system, to help avoid downtime and assist in planned maintenance. The intelligent telematics solution serves in maximising productivity and profitability by providing fleet management, fuel management and uptime management.

How it Works

Eicher Live analytics has demonstrated windfall gains to customers in delivering superior mileage by leveraging insights on fuel consumption and driving performance analysis. Our comprehensive engagement framework ensures that Eicher works at the grass root level by providing meaningful insights to the driver and fleet manager, which when implemented, leads to improvement in fuel efficiency and driving performance

Manage Uptime :

Eicher Live pro-actively identifies faults by continuously monitoring vehicle specific information and parameters. It informs you about any possible issue that may prop up in your vehicle and prevents unplanned downtimes. This intelligent technology also provides scope for maintenance reminders to keep the fleet in operational readiness.

Manage Trips :

Eicher Live enables the user to track exact vehicle location on a powerful map interface, kilometre reading, geofencing, trip history for chosen date, time interval and odometer reading. You can also monitor and trace the route taken by your vehicle.

Manage Fuel :

Eicher Live syncs with the engine management system, reads fuel consumption and generates a real-time fuel analysis report, enabling the user to track and improve efficiency. By understanding how the vehicle has consumed fuel over various parameters, you can work towards improving fuel efficiency of your fleet.

Customer Benefits :
  • Preventive maintenance reminders to help maintain the vehicle
  • Track vehicle location, ignition status, meter readings, route deviations and fuel levels
  • Track sweet spots, idle & drive time to establish benchmarks and efficient routes
  • Fuel efficiency and utilisation of statistics to improve driver and vehicle performance
  • Increase on-road time through pro-active fault identification and backend readiness for vehicle breakdown management

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