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Eicher container Setup

Understanding the value of time at the ongoing projects and sites, Eicher has come up with an innovative solution to provide services at the doorstep.

Eicher Container Setup facilitates varied servicing needs for the trucks by setting up functional service stations at the sites. This helps in saving time and provides hassle-free support to ongoing projects.

How It Works

While it is difficult to send vehicles to the workshop when the project work is going on at full pace, Eicher brings a solution in the form of container service stations that can be installed, dismantled, transported and reinstalled from one location to another with ease. These setups are ideal for operations, including infrastructure projects, road construction, mining/quarries sites and remote areas with low vehicle populations.

Single Container :

This type of setup comes with an office and area for parts and special tools storage, along with a small component work area.

Double Container :

As the name defines, this setup comes up with two containers, where the first container serves as an office and parts storage and the second one is a lube container with pneumatic oil dispensing system. The option of 2 bay workshop structure of size 30’ x 50’ is also available.

Four Container :

The setup has a container serving as office and special tools storage, a container for parts, one lube container with pneumatic dispensing unit, and last one serving as an aggregate overhaul container. An option of 4 bay workshop structure with the containers is also available.

Customer Benefits :
  • Economical and re-locatable solution
  • Readymade infrastructure to provide service at customer’s door-step
  • Leverage opportunity at low population and remote project sites
  • Multiple options to choose from as per customer requirements
  • Safe and secure storage for tools, equipment and parts
  • Reduction in repair time by eliminating travel time for minor repairs
Container Setup
Service At Your Doorstep Delivered

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